Happy ONE year anniversary, Awakening Foster Kelly

One year ago today, I did something totally crazy – I PUBLISHED A BOOK! The future is bright. Soon I will be releasing my second novel, Much As Funny Loves A Laugh. A… Continue reading

Foster Kelly

For many children, I think it happens early on. Even if at that point they’re completely unaware of it, there’s that moment where everything changes: gray turns to black and white, open windows… Continue reading

Dominic Kassells

My heart was instantly confused; in the same second it broke into a sprint, smashing against my ribs with blunt and forceful knocking, sounding alarms of all kinds deep within my eardrums, and… Continue reading

Emily Donahue

The acerbic expression melted away the second she smiled up at me. Like her brother, it was a beautiful smile, white and straight, but somehow more polished and affecting. One side of her… Continue reading

Jake Donahue

He gazed around the garage. “Yeah, where should I throw this away?” he asked, aimlessly searching. Standing near enough that I could make out the translucent blond hairs on his muscled chest, I… Continue reading

Vanya Borisova

The twelve of us filtered to the back of the room. At the back line, I waited until everyone had acquisitioned the furry rugs and beanbags, and then found a seat on the… Continue reading

Shorecliffs High School

Sunlight filtered in from the overhead skylights, illuminating the tops everyone’s heads and splashing everything else with a soft, canary haze. Everything about the large, open room was inviting—which was why, I supposed,… Continue reading


Forced to keep a slow pace, I gazed around idly, taking in the full scope of the greenhouse: the ambrosial smells, the melodic sounds, the flowers and foliage leaping from the Earth in… Continue reading

The Kelly Châteaux

The chateaux, in its prime, was inarguably the most stunning property on the block consisting of eight houses—or so we were told by Monsieur Desmarais, the previous and only owner before us. Elderly… Continue reading